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The Importance of Follow-Up Messages and How to Be an Active Interviewee

Finding a job is not easy in the current economy. With many fresh graduates struggling to find a job, you might feel hopeless or out of luck. However, there is one sure way that can help you land that dream job. It is none other than follow-up messages and being an active interviewee.

The Importance of Follow-Up Messages When You Are Interviewing With a Company
In order to land a job, you need to keep the conversation going. This is where follow-up emails come into the picture. When you send a follow-up email, you get to show your interest in the position and stand out as only a handful of people actually send follow-up emails. Besides, sending an email boosts your chances of hearing back from the company. It would force the recruiter to notice you.
How to Act During an Interview?

  1. Show That You Are a Great Fit
    When you give an interview, you need to prove that you can fit into the recruiter. It is always a good idea to overdress, maintain eye contact, smile, and make a firm handshake. These things will help you establish trust. Make sure to engage in small talk to lighten the mood and get back to the interview. But avoid political or personal questions.
  2. Share Relevant Stories
    Since everyone loves to hear stories, you need to tell stories about difficult situations where you outshined your competition. Talk about the actions you had to take to achieve results, and let the words capture every bit of emotion. Success stories allow you to make a good impression on potential employers.
  3. Pause and Listen Before You Respond
    If there is one tip that you need to follow to be an active interviewee, it is to pause and listen before responding. The best thing about an interview is that it does not have a time limit. Therefore, feel free to listen and think before answering questions. Take up to 40 seconds to answer each question. It will ensure that you produce thoughtful answers.
  4. Ask the Right Questions
    When you give an interview, prospective employers also want you to ask questions. Ask the right questions when the interviewer requests you to do so. Highlight your research by asking questions that engage the interviewer and require them to think as well.
    Why It’s Important Not To Talk Badly About Your Previous/ Current Company When Talking To A New Company?
    During your interview, the recruiter is likely to ask you about your previous or current employer. Although you might be tempted to talk badly about your previous or current employer, you must avoid doing so as it would paint you in a negative light. However, it is acceptable to state things like you want to try something new or stand by the prospective employer’s vision. It is essential that you think through each question and give a response that works in your favor.
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