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Dealing with Counter Offers:

Getting a newer, better job is terrific for some people, and when they do get one, they are usually over the moon.
However, the most common scenario is that you have gotten the offer letter for that new job you applied for, and you’re excited. You have begun to prepare for the shift and have formally notified the company, but here is the twist. Your supervisor has made you a counter-offer, similar to the one you received. This will make you question if you should stay or not. You will begin to think of the importance of your position within the company and consider your move.

What’s happening in the background:
First, we need to understand what is happening in the background to respond to the counter-offer you just received. Most employees at this point make their first mistake when they think that the company wants them to stay solely because of their relationship with you. In these days of corporate hiring, negations, and training, it will cost the company more money to hire someone new. In short, they are taking the more accessible and cheaper way out of this situation.

In the corporate world, every new hire, every merger, and other business decisions are made keeping in view the pros and cons and their effect on the organization in different capacities. You triggered an alarm when you first notified the company of your intention to leave. While the company is offering you a raise and incentives, it is also working to find another replacement for you. As we discussed earlier, doing this takes considerable time and funds. Hence, the company wants to keep you until then. You are now viewed as a liability. It is only a matter of time before your organization finds someone suitable. Now, you will not have your current job, the new offer has also expired, and all the benefits are gone. This is one of the most common scenarios in the corporate sector, and hence we will help you decide how to deal with it and respond to it in a manner that safeguards your interests.

Dealing with the offer
Even with that raise, you have exposed your hand and shown the company that you can leave at any point. As a result, you will not be considered for critical positions, and it won’t be easy to climb the corporate ladder at this firm.
Office politics is also a crucial aspect of working in a company. Your relationships with your co-workers can be affected by either your resignation or that you were offered a raise and accepted it. As a result, your work environment can get hostile, making it more challenging to stay and be productive.

Counter-offers, even the ones with lucrative salary rises and benefits – are just a short-term win, which you should never take. The cons far outweigh the monetary pros accepting the offer might have. You should always approach and react to these counter-offers keeping in view your self-interests and future. Always try to look at the bigger picture and imagine where you want to see yourself in the next ten years and then decide.

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